Web Design and Development

Every business needs a website in today’s age. Even the smallest local businesses get a website to represent them online. We are a complete IT Firm that offers all Web Design and Development Services better than the market. As a Professional Web Design Company, we provide every service to make sure your website looks great and fulfills all quality requirements. Development is usually the next step after designing and we are here to offer the best Web Development Services to you.

As most businesses are now done online, the value of quality websites has escalated with it. Your website is the gateway through which potential customers can reach you no matter what part of the world your business belongs to. In this page, we have shared all the Web Design and Website Development Services we offer and how our firm, GK Group HC, can do your job better than anyone else in the market.


Web Design Services We Offer

Our firm offers all kinds of Web Designing Services that you need. We understand all the merits of creating the best design that fulfills your objectives. Whether you want to redesign a website or need our Custom Web Design Services to build an entire model from scratch, we would be more than happy to help you. You can contact us for free guidance or a quote at any time.

Mac Desktop

Web Development Services We Offer

There is a great number of programming languages and frameworks to build websites. GK Group HC has an entire department that provides custom Web Development Services. We have expert programmers of every technology that you need who can create all types of websites for you.


Web Designing Features


Web Design (UX/UI)

Our Web Design Agency has all types of designers to offer UX and UI services for our clients. Our UX experts conduct the research and create website wireframe according to the psychology of the target audience. UI designers are responsible for designing the graphical side of the user interface while collaborating with the UX expert.

Landing Page Animation

A landing page is the page of your website where a visitor will land. It could be any page of the site that you designed for a specific audience. A potential customer or subscriber will leave without becoming a lead if the landing page is not attractive. As the best Website Design Company in the market, we ensure that landing page animations are created to get the maximum conversion rate.

Graphics Design

We deliver the best of Designing Services whether it’s a logo, a banner, or any visual piece of content. Our creative designers take time to fully understand the image you have in mind and then blend it with their experience to provide graphics that best serve the purpose.

Mobile Friendly

More people use mobile phones compared to laptops and desktop system to access the internet. As a professional Web Design Company, we have to make sure that our work is responsive on all types of devices whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Our UX and UI designers consider all three views before they implement the visual work.

Visible Design

The visibility of a Web Design defines if you have presented everything to the viewer in the best manner possible. The design of a page must include every relevant part that should be on the page. That said, the design must not feel too stuffed or empty. For our Web Design Company, our work isn’t just about putting colors and text together; it’s a passion. We do every task to the best of our abilities with proper research and brainstorming.

Fast to Load

Some creators may miss an important factor of speed when designing a web page. In addition to attraction and relevancy, we have to ensure the design is lower in size and faster to load. Viewers may not wait for the page to fully load to see its content; they’ll just leave.

Web Development Features

CMS based Website Development

A CMS based website has a Content Management System with it. It helps you create and publish content for the website. A CMS has many features to manage the entire website. Our Web Development Company uses all platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to build a CMS website according to your requirements.

E-Commerce Website Development

We are the best custom Web Development Company for E-Commerce platforms. An E-Commerce site focuses on enhancing functionalities and user experience that are related to selling something. Such sites are designed and developed with the motive to lead a visitor to become a customer. For this, we make sure the site leaves a good impression on the visitor, and it is oriented towards conversion. As a best Web Development Company in the market, we add features to uphold certain standards i.e. making the site easier to navigate.


Why Work with GK Group HC?

GK Group HC has been professionally providing Web Development Services since 2010. Our years of experience has led us to fully understand what the client wants and how we may fulfill it with our knowledge and skills.

Competitive Rates and Consultation

Despite our highest quality of work, we take pride in offering competitive market rates to our clients. We aim to provide the best work in the market even if we are not paid the highest rate.

Veteran Team

All our departments and team members have years of experience and they are led by professionals that have spent decades in this career.

Collaborative Company

We don’t just start working to finish the project as soon as we get it. We take out extra time to first get all the requirements of our clients. Our team leads conduct several meetings and keep in touch with the client even during the development phase.

Customer Service

Our customers are our asset. Every client that works with us doesn’t have to go to any other Web Development Company. We provide the best of services before and after the project is delivered.