Startup Management

A newly established business is called a startup. A startup faces many difficulties to make its place in the market. There is already tons of competition in every market. And, in every market, you will find some tycoons ruling the business. A startup has to be persistent and needs strong hands to help them survive in the market. They need a Startup Management Platform to build a durable foundation for their business.

Almost every employee today dreams of starting a business. Most of them don’t take this step. Around 44% of those who do start, end up in failure. We are a Startup Management Agency that helps potential entrepreneurs and startups groom to their fullest. With our help, even those 44% startups can give a tough time to their competitors and force their place in the market.


How Can We Help You in Building a Startup?

We are GK Group HC, a full-fledged IT Development and Startup Management Company aimed towards helping new businesses to grow. We provide assistance to startups from their very first step to the phase where they become a growing stable company. GK Group HC is veteran firm and has worked for many globally dominant companies such as:

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Yandex

  • Mail Group

  • Auchan

  • Hyundai

  • Volkswagen

  • Microsoft

  • L’Oreal

  • Novatek

  • 3M


  • Construction Solutions

  • Impulse

  • Hershey’s


  • RusHydro

  • Autodesk

  • Micromine

  • Meta

Our years of working experience with such big brands has made us a successful IT Development and Startup Management Service provider. We offer a number of services to entrepreneurs after understanding their requirements. We write Startup Management Software to run and grow your business. Our services include writing Mobile Applications, Web Development, and Cloud Hosting.

It is essential to first conduct a proper meeting and understand your niche, plans, and goals. We then look at the kind of services you will need. Below you will see a list of all facilities we render to startups. But first, you should understand the type and nature of your startup.


Types of Startups

Startup business can be divided into many categories depending on its goals and approach to attain those goals. Once you understand the type of startup, we are better able to apprehend the Startup Management Service and approach your need to acquire for a successful business.

1.   Lifestyle Startups

These entrepreneurs are the professionals who just want to follow their passion without a boss. They are their own boss but unlikely to become a big company. Nonetheless, they still earn a good deal, and you can find many such entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

2.   Traditional Businesses

Most entrepreneurs are involved in small traditional businesses like grocery stores, consultancy firms, electricians, etc. While these may sound small compared to big IT companies, these businesses also have a big space to grow with the right Startup Management agency.

These businesses may not make it to Fortune 500 but have the potential to earn a lot within their domain. Our customized Startup Business Software is particularly helpful for these traditional businesses as it takes away some burden off their shoulders and saves time.

3.   Self-Funded Business

You start such businesses with the goal to turn them into a large enterprise while maintaining your ownership. Such entrepreneurs arrange for the finances and investment themselves and don’t rely on third-party investors to become a part of it. They do so to keep their authority over their firm. Depending on the skills and Startup Management Service, one can make a very successful and stable business out of their self-funded firm but they are not very scalable.

They take time and grow step by step as there is involved the limited funding of just one entrepreneur. That said, finding a Startup Management Platform would be a wise choice because they can help you avoid common mistakes and get most out of minimum with their experience.

4.   Externally Funded Startup

These are the scalable startups that are likely to leave their mark on the world. Best of its examples include Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Uber. These businesses started with the aim that they have an idea that can be globally adopted. They target a huge market with a fantastic idea and a scalable business model.

Such entrepreneurs acquire huge outside funding to implement their ideas faster and efficiently before their competitors. They hire the best professionals in their field and are not shy to invest. A good Startup Management Agency also plays a vital role in planning and expanding the business. On the other hand, these businesses have no secure middle ground. They either achieve the highest of success or fall to the biggest of losses.

5. Acquisition Startups

Entrepreneurs build such business just to sell it with a huge profit margin. These startups are also referred to as buyable startups. These startups have grown more popular in recent years. While many of these businesses may not be started with the sole purpose of being sold, large companies purchase such startups when they see them as a threat or powerful competitor. One huge example is WhatsApp.

You have to grow to a scale of success that potential customer would find it beneficial to purchase your business. If it’s just a barely standing startup, no one will be interested in it. Reaching to point where your business has a big value in the market is the difficult part. It requires just as much or more effort than other startups. Our Startup Management Software and other services have helped many similar startups reach their goals with maximum return on investment.

6.   Startups to Make a Difference

These are the entrepreneurs that are passionate and work hard but not with the goal of earning money. They work day and night on an idea to make this world a better place. They are more focused on making their idea successful. While such entrepreneurs may not have a market to beat, their goals are usually more difficult to achieve than other startups. Our experts have completed many such projects to success with an unmatched Startup Management Service.


Our Startup Management Services

We offer almost every service that is required to run a startup successfully. For that purpose, we have to understand and study what the startup is about. Who knows the startup better than the one that came up with the idea and has the guts to implement it – that’s you! We conduct one or more meetings until we get all the requirements right.

We have to study your place, the market, and the product or service you offer. Our expert Startup Management Agency analyzes the gathered data to come up with the perfect strategies. It is during this process that they also reflect if any small business startup software is necessary (which it usually is). Based on the final conclusion, we offer one or all of the following services to help you reach your goals.

All the Resources You Need

A startup is not just about skills and business. You need a team, an office, a network, and legal aid to run a startup. All this can be very expensive and time-consuming diverting you from your main responsibilities. As a complete Startup Management System, we provide with every single one of these facilities.

Industry Related Counseling

You may be an expert of your skills or field but a business requires a lot of skills to work together. Our experienced counselors provide you necessary guidance that is specific to your business. This mentorship helps you understand your industry better and how our selected approach is the best fit for it.

Practical Training

Do you have the necessary up to the mark skills to make a place in the industry? There is no shortage of mediocre professional in every field. You need the skills and training to outshine or at least equal your competitors. Our Startup Management Platform will arrange your training sessions and workshops with the top experts in the industry.

Targeting the Customers

It’s one thing to create something and another to sell it. You have to reach your target audience with your unique selling point and you have to impress them in order to successfully complete a purchase. This is also a process that has many little details to tend to. Startup Management Service of GK Group HC includes creating marketing strategies. We have the team, experience, and every tool to flawlessly carry out this task.

Business Development

Business developers at our firm have years of experience in business planning and goal setting of startups. They conduct a few meetings with the entrepreneur to guide them on how they can further develop their business and what would be the right approach for it. They make it easy for you to make tough decisions with more precision to develop your business.

Planning the Scalability

How big and how fast do you plan to grow and what is the right way to do it? Sometimes, businesses expand way too fast for themselves and eventually end up in failure. We uniquely position your place where you can learn and grow at a pace that doesn’t comprise the quality of your performance.