Software Tools

Software tools are created to help us in every field of life. GK Group HC is a software development company that loves nothing more than making its clients’ life easier. We are here to offer software tools to assist you in every field of life. Yes, you name it – every field of life.

No matter what your business or requirements, we provide you software that solves your problem with perfection. Every problem can be solved through the right algorithm. Whether you wish to achieve efficiency or get faster results in your work, software development services will fulfill all your needs.


Accounting Software

Every business has accounts to deal with. To err is human. One tiny little mistake can cost you a lot. Luckily, software don’t make mistakes especially when they are developed by the best software development company. You can find many ready-made software on the internet, but they don’t fully understand your needs. We can develop customized software only for you that best handle your work. You won’t have to adapt to the software because our customized software will be customized for your environment.

Backup and Recovery

Data is the most important asset for any company of the 21st century. Losing it can shake your business to its core. In software development consulting, we always recommend our clients to have a backup of their entire system. Real-time backup and recovery of your system can be a complex and time-consuming task. That’s why backup and recovery software are created. All existing and new data will be stored safely and automatically, and you can recover your data without any effort in case of a problem.

Blogging Tool

There are over 170 million blogs on the internet. Most of the blogs are independent while many business websites use a blog to generate traffic and increase their clientele. Blogging isn’t that simple. In order to do it with perfection, you need the assistance of blogging tools. GK Group HC Software Development Company can provide you blogging tools that will help you get maximum results with minimum effort.


Calendars have evolved with time. They no longer just show you the date but also tell you how you are going to spend it. A calendar tool now involves many more features to enhance the productivity of your day. They tend to your needs like an assistant. We are a custom software development company that can add any feature you need in your calendar tool.

Collaboration/Office Suite

A good team is the foundation of a successful business. A company is basically employees working together to achieve a common goal. It is crucial for the team to efficiently collaborate with each other for better results. Office suite tools help your team stay connected and work together to get things done more proficiently while saving as much time as possible.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer relations are an important part of any business. It requires a lot of time and attention to manage your customers while attracting new ones. CRM software helps you interact with your existing and potential customers. Our department of software quality assurance service assures that the CRM tool seamlessly meets your requirements.


A database holds your data of all types. Database tools help you properly manage this data. A company’s data include sensitive and valuable information that they can’t share with everyone. So you need a database tool to manage permissions, indexes, users, and user interface. Our software development company ensures your data is integrated the right way.

Remote Access/Syncing

You can run your business even if you are not physically in the office. You don’t have to sit on office table to view all files and performance. Our software development services include the development of remote access tools that will synchronize your office setup with your personal laptop and mobile phone. You can communicate with the team, access database, generate reports, or interact with clients while on the go using the remote access syncing tool.

Project Management

GK Group HC Software Development Company can develop customized project management software for your business. You can manage your staff, sales, and services without any effort. Project management tools allow you to do all your tasks even remotely. You can travel abroad or go to meetings and you don’t have to worry about leaving the office unattended when you have customized project management software.

Security Suite

Online threats and attacks have only increased with time. The biggest asset of a company, its data, can’t be left vulnerable for exploiters. Every business needs good security software to withstand cyber-attacks. You need the best software development company like GK Group HC to develop a security suite that ensures the protection of your business and database. Our experienced network engineers cover every security feature so no spyware, malware, or Trojan can enter your system.

Task Manager

Task management tools allow you to look over and manage your team’s work. If you are a CEO, you may need a remote task management application to control your office online. A task manager also works as your assistant by scheduling and reminding your plans of the day. We study your business and determine application requirement during software development consulting. Our team analyzes these requirements and come up with their best solutions. These solutions are discussed with you and then developed as features of your task management software.