Application Development
(Windows, Mac, Linux)

Desktop systems are the most commonly used platform for professional work. Three operating systems have been ruling desktop systems for decades; Windows, Mac, and Linux. All three of these OS are different and don’t support each other. Developing just one application doesn’t work on all of them. You have to build Three Custom applications according to the operating system. GK Group HC is an experienced Mac, Linux, and Windows Application Development Company here to offer its services to you.


Windows Application Development

The largest population of computer users have Windows installed in their devices. It is developed and powered by Microsoft. Microsoft has designed an OS for mobile devices too, but the desktop version is the most popular. We offer Windows Application Development Services for desktop as well as mobile devices. If you want people to use your application, then it’s necessary to target Windows users.

We have a Windows App Development team with years of hands-on experience in the field. We follow a proper step by step Windows Apps Development procedure to get all details right without any mistakes. Some important decisions that we make with the assistance of the client include:

  1. Selecting the correct User Interface Development Technology. Most commonly used UI Development Technology for Windows apps include UWP, WPF, Electron, and WinForms.

  2. Deciding the right Deployment Strategy. Various Deployment options include Windows Store, ClickOnce, Squirrel, Chocolatey, or using the custom solution.

  3. Our Windows App Development Company also takes time to select the right installer if we don’t use a deployment tool. Some most commonly used installers include Inno Setup, Install Shield, and Wix.

  4. Establishing a pipeline for CI/CD. Continuous Integration and Deployment is essential for an automated workflow.

  5. At last, we resolve logging issues and then theme your application. We choose MV framework and purchase a license according to the requirements of the client.


Mac Application Development

Mac OS is developed and powered by Apple Inc. This operating system only works on Apple computers and it is still the second biggest desktop operating system and has millions of users all around the world. Cocoa is an API used for desktop MAC Application Development. It is Apple’s native application and is object-oriented. In addition, we also use Xcode IDE to deliver the best of Services to our clients. We have secured our positions as one of the top MacOS App Development Companys in the country by providing unmatched Services that always exceed the client’s expectations.


Linux Software Application Development

Linux is a community-developed open source operating system. It is supported by most major computer platforms like SPARC, x86, and ARM, making it one of the most supported OS. Most of the Linux Software Application Development is done in programming languages Perl, C, C++, Python, and Bash. In addition, Java and IMHO are also used which give us the benefit of making Linux apps that are portable on Windows OS. IDE such Netbeans and Eclipse are also used on this operating system. You can contact us any time to get a free consultation on Linux or UNIX Software Application Development.


Use Cases of Desktop Applications

There are a few types of Desktop Applications classified based on their functions. We are a complete Windows, Linux, and Mac Application Development Company, and you can acquire our services for any category.

Network Applications

These applications run over a network and allow you to communicate within it. These applications usually follow a Client-Server Architecture. The server here reserves the right to perform any function and clients need its permission. These applications are commonly used in small and medium enterprises.

Standalone Business Application

These are the typical independent applications. These tools are used to help in making our work more efficient and fast. Software such as MS Word and Outlook are an example of Standalone Applications. GK Group HC also offers customized Standalone Linux, Mac, and Windows Application Development Services.

Multimedia Applications

All applications, no matter what the platform is, used to play multimedia files like movies, songs, podcasts fall under the category of Multimedia Applications. Some prominent examples of this category include VLC media player and iTunes.

Client-Server Application

In Client-Server Applications, any relevant data or information is stored on a remote server. All users have to access the server to perform some operation or fetch data. This setup usually requires the permission of a server/admin to access information. You can get a customized Client-Server Application that precisely fits your office requirements.

System Apps and Services

These applications enable a computer to support other applications that otherwise won’t run. Over the years in this field, we have completed and delivered many Windows, Linux, and Mac Application Development of this category.

Collaborative Application

Collaborative Applications make teamwork easy and efficient. These applications are developed for an environment where multiple users are performing a common task. Each of the users works on their computer while collaborating with the team through an application.

Utilities and Plug-ins

These programs make a computer or computer software work more efficiently. Utilities and Plug-ins can be defined as an additional feature to a program. You may be confused whether you need a Mac, Windows, or Linux Software Application Development Services if you are a non-technical person of this field. We would be more than happy to provide you a consultation.


Why You Should Acquire Our Services?

Many IT Companies offer similar services. We consider ourselves better than them based on our client reviews. While other companies work with the only motive to get money out of your pocket, we are more focused towards providing the best of our services and maintaining our perfect record. GK Group HC is a professional and experienced institute that honors its commitments.

We have developed and deployed more than enough projects to understand their scope, requirements, and improvement. Our first step towards starting a project is getting your exact requirements. Our team then conducts a feasibility analysis and share our recommendations about how the application can be made even better. By this phase, we fully understand the resources and time the project is going to take. Then we make a commitment and deliver a quality assurance passed enhanced project even before the deadline.