Security Software Development

Online threats have significantly increased with the growth of technology. Now that almost every business is managed online using web services and SaaS, hackers have more opportunities to attack. Today, hackers are more active and online systems are more vulnerable. One little successful attack can cause huge damage to any business. This problem arose the need for secure software development to ensure safety.

It was believed that most security threats were given way by networking layers and operating systems. This misconception has changed as most security loopholes are found in the software itself. The security of an application is best when it is implemented with the software development life cycle (SDLC). This is exactly what we do in secure software development.


What is Secure Software Development?

An organization’s most important asset is its data which they can’t risk at any cost. Now that the world is more cautious of software security, they acquire services of a Security Solutions Company. GK Group HC is a successful security solutions company that has been helping its clients secure their software and applications for over a decade.

We develop secure software to ensure its integrity, confidentiality, and availability. We implement the security within the software and it’s every layer during its development. As the requirements are specified beforehand, our team of security software developer builds the application with security in mind. Our veteran developers ensure every security control is integrated for maximum safety. Some of these controls include application attributes such as confidentiality, authentication, and resilience.


Benefits of Security Software Development

From better quality to less cost, there are plenty of benefits of acquiring services of security software developer firm. Here a few basic advantages you get from this process.

1.   Better Team Work

Our Security Solutions Company has a great teamwork spirit because of our development methods. Instead of developing an entire project and sending it to the quality assurance team for testing which then comes back to the developers for modification, we have both teams actively involved in secure software development. This keeps a good relationship between the staff and enhances work productivity for our clients.

2.   Runtime Error Detection

You can’t find vulnerabilities and flaws in a project with other security solutions or manual testing while it’s underdevelopment. Completing an application and then finding there is a big problem with it that can’t be solved would be very costly. With security software development, you can stop the project during its build if faced with such an issue. You will have time to reevaluate the requirements and consider its alternatives.

3.   Saves Money

It saves a lot of finances when problems are fixed during the development phase. A major vulnerability would have required the redevelopment of the entire project. Our security software developer follows methods like agile software development and implements SAST/SCA which requires less Pen Testing before the project is released. Having almost all issues fixed during the development, it saves the organization a lot of expenses from maintenance cost.

4.   Build Automation Tool

For secure development, it scans the code with every commit. It also allows developers to scan builds. You can also skip scanning the unmodified code by getting an additional functionality of scan. This functionality reduces the scan time and this process feels less invasive to the user.


Some Web Security Practices We Follow

There are a lot of things to retain during secure software development to ensure we don’t leave any flaw. Our experienced team knows every practice of this process and doesn’t ignore even most minor points. Here are a few web security practices that we have to follow during development.

1.   Filtering User Inputs

A very basic practice is to cleanse every input so it can’t exploit the fence whether it comes from client or server side.

2.   Encode Request/Response

We encode every request and response that comes from the application. This works as an extra security layer because the information is not readable and can’t be changed during transmission.

3.   HTTPS for Domain Entries

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) uses a cryptographic SSL connection to transfer data. Using these domain entries ensures a safer connection. It is very common in network security software.

4.   What is Stored in Cookies

Our team ensures there is no important or sensitive data stored as cookies inside the user’s device. This avoids the cookies data later being used to breach the system.

5.   Verification of Uploads

A full-fledged system has many features like file uploading according to the client’s needs. We first perform an operation of verification when a user wants to upload a file to the server.

6.   Hiding Web Information

Developers at GK Group HC hide server configuration in HTTP heads. This way attackers won’t be able to server vulnerabilities using a search engine.  


Guiding Principles of Secure Development

As a professional Security Solutions Company, we inform stakeholders of all guiding principles implement in their project. We have to especially follow these principles almost every time in Business Data Security Software. Some of our guiding principles include.

Protection from Alteration

It is ensured that no changes are made without the consent and proper authorization of our client.

Protection from Disclosure

We make sure no secret or new information is revealed to an unauthorized entity during and after the development.

Is the Request Authorized

With every request we receive, it is confirmed that the requester is an authorized individual with rights and privileges for the task.

Protection from Destruction

Secure recycling of the data or application is just as important as protecting its information.


Why Us for Secure Software Development?

Security has become challenging today as all systems and networks are under the radar of exploiters. There are many trials a system has to deal with including Logic Bombs, Applets, and Trojan horses. Your system won’t stand a chance if not developed by a veteran secure software development firm like GK Group HC.

There is always some sort of minor or major security vulnerability left in the application whether intentionally or unintentionally by the engineer. In our firm, the responsibility of building a secure system is not just put on software engineer. This responsibility is shared with other stakeholders including business analysts, security specialists, developers, project managers, and quality assurance managers.

We target the core activities during secure software development as there are security implications found in most high-level programming languages. These core activities include change management, control specification, and conceptual definition for better protection.