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«GK Group HC» - is a platform where we control all the cycles of IT Development, Startup Management,Website Design and Business Promotion from the very first steps to the Ready-Made Product. Beginning with the Planning and Concepts then we continue to shape your Ideas and adjust them for the market as a prepared Out-Turn. With the help of our Marketing Team your Product will be seen all over the Web. We are able to complete Projects of Different Complexity. From writing Programs for your business to the Mobile Applications in App Store or Google Play. The great variety of our Web Services will help you to achieve your aims, goals in the shortest terms and prepare your project for the market of today.  We have been working with such great companies as Facebook,Google,Yandex,Mail Group,Auchan,Hyundai,Volkswagen,Microsoft,L’Oreal,Novatek,3M,IBCON,ConstructionSolutions,Impulse,Hershey’s,URALKALI,RusHydro,Autodesk,Micromine,Meta.You can familiarize with the Projects that we have recently made below.



The project for the retailer was based on the MR Builder application for viewing holographic models of buildings. The application allows you to rotate, scale, move models, dive inside them in a scale of 1x1. 

For convenience of discussion of the model by several participants, the function of "laser vision" is realized and voice commands are integrated. The application supports the most popular format of three-dimensional .FBX files and can load models from the OneDrive cloud storage.

Launch of new VW Teramont (Atlas)

The task arose before us - with the help of HoloLens to reveal the car's possibilities for customers and to emphasize its large dimensions. The task was not simple.
We have not had to do projects in such tight (2 weeks) terms. Implementation became possible only through the use of our MR Guide platform.
Holographic content this time appeared above the real car. Guests learned about the numerous security systems, complete sets, full drive 4MOTION. Most of the guests were surprised by the demonstration of a roomy luggage compartment. With folded seats, it is as much as 1421 liters! But how to understand this volume? We made an x-ray effect when people could see huge boxes in the trunks.


Hyundai Genesis Holographic Presentation

Project goal: demonstration of unique design solutions and innovative technologies, by which the Genesis G80 and G90 today can be called one of the most advanced business sedans in the market. The project was presented at the Eastern Economic Forum in September 2017.

Using Microsoft Hololens mixed reality technology, we were able to bring interaction with virtual holograms of cars to a new level, when they are felt almost like physical objects that can be picked up, viewed from any direction and disassembled. All of that the Forum visitors could see only recently in science fiction, together with colleagues from Genesis, we were able to show them the real working technology, ideally suited for creating spectacular presentations.

Everyone who could see the presentation of the G80 and G90 at the Genesis appreciated not only the safety, technology and design of these business sedan models, but also the technology of mixed reality as an unusual and extremely promising format for visualizing objects and processes.

Interactive Presentation for Garnier

Applying HoloLens in the presentation is an innovative way of delivering the material. Mixed reality allows you to show the product brightly and disclose all it is beneficial. Media and partners of events were able to better understand the latest technologies used in the production of the new line. Every guests noted the innovative spirit of the brand. 

Our application was demonstrated at several events within of the Botanic Therapy press tour, which was started from the picturesque Georgia and ending in the botanical garden of Moscow State University in Moscow. Guests of the events were able to discover more deeply and brightly the innovative technologies used in the development of cosmetics and to understand the benefits of Garnier products.

With the client where was developed the concept of the "Natural Laboratory" to immerse participant as much as possible In the world of The Botanic Therapy.

Participants were seeing a holographic professor of botany in Hololens glasses. The professor greeting and tells about the features of the new products and invites the participant to choose one of six recipes.


Holographic Presentation for NOVATEK

Project Goal: To demonstrate the innovative design features of the new production complex "Arctic LNG-2" 
The project was presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in June 2017.The technology of mixed reality allowed visitors to interact with the virtual mock-up with gestures as if it was a real model of the plant. The model could be literally taken and brought to your eyes to view it in detail, and at the same time it could be turned by either side to yourself. Also, a virtual mock-up with a slight finger movement could be disassembled to see the internal structure of the plant.A scenario of a holographic presentation was presented within the project. In presentation a visitor could learn about the large-scale Novatek project for the extraction, processing, transportation and sale of liquefied natural gas. After the visitor put on HoloLens and launched the presentation, he could get information about the Kola shipyard producing floating gravity-type platforms that would become the "foundation" for the "Arctic LNG-2" or, for example, see how the icebreaker will deliver liquefied gas from the projected facility to already existing one.
Such a holographic presentation produced a real wow effect on Novatek's partners and customers, demonstrated the uniqueness of the project.


Project goal: Reduction of the time and number of errors in the assembly of cross and power equipment.

From 5 to 10 specialists are involved In the assembly of one cabinet at different stages. The average build time of the cabinet is 2 weeks. Building a cabinet is a very painstaking process, requiring a lot of attention to detail. That is why, in order to facilitate and speed up the process by the customer, a way was chosen to use the HoloLens glasses to help all participants in the cabinet assembly.
Our company GK Group HC together with CS Construction Solution (UK) Limited has developed a special holographic instruction that allows to speed up the process of assembly and installation of the cabinet at times and to reduce possible inaccuracies.The application consistently, step by step, helps to assemble and monitor the quality of the electrical cabinet assembly. The mechanics of the application are based on the interaction of the user with 3D models of equipment placed in real space.The plans of GK Group HC and CS Construction Solutions (UK) Limited to expand the functionality of the application and create a universal holographic tool suitable for all types of cabinets. We will keep you informed of the progress of the project.


Holographic presentation of the traffic junction

The purpose of the project: Demonstration of design solutions for the traffic junction 
The project was presented at the "DorogaExpo - 2017" exhibition in Moscow.The idea to create a project in a holographic form came out of needs. The junction will be three-level, so it is impossible to display all the nuances in 2D drawings, and reading a 3D model on a computer requires effort and skills. The HoloGroup team was the first company to implement such a large-scale project in just 1,5 months.
In October, visitors of the GEO-PROJECT booth wearing HoloLens put a holographic model of the junction on the table, walked around and with their fingers enlarged the desired element for detailed consideration. In addition to technical characteristics, visitors also assessed the convenience of driving around the future junction: they started the stream of cars and turned on the night mode.Naturally, such an interactive presentation in the format of mixed reality aroused great interest among the visitors of the exhibition and representatives of the media: at the booth of the GEO-PROJECT there were a lot of those wishing to examine in detail the three-dimensional holographic model of the traffic junction and make a virtual walk along it.

Holographic assistant at a power plant

Project goal: Test a holographic solution for the repair of a high-voltage line.We have developed a holographic guide for the power plant. The pilot project has reviled a great potential to reduce the likelihood of an error.Together with PAO "Enel Russia" we tested a holographic solution that will be able to prepare for the repair the high-voltage transmission line of 330 kV-01 Nevinnomysskaya GRES-Armavir.The solution was developed on our MR Guide platform. The platform is a universal tool for creating holographic instructions, both in production rooms and within individual equipment. Operators of the power plant using a holographic instruction in Microsoft HoloLens will conduct a training session on switching on high-voltage lines. Holographic instruction with visual and audio prompts ensures correct operations by a worker.Augmented reality in the energy sector is a new breakthrough solution that will reduce the likelihood of mistakes in working with high-risk equipment. We are pleased to participate in such a large-scale project. Joint pilot launch is a vivid example of the effective cooperation of a startup and a corporation in introducing innovations in the industry.


HoloStudy - series of educational applications for Microsoft HoloLens

Project goal: create a unique tool for explaining the phenomena and processes that are so much difficult for spatial understanding.It presents knowledge through completely different, incredible way, using all the possibilities of Mixed Reality technology.With the help of such an innovative approach, the learning process becomes fascinating, with the quick assimilation of the material. 
MR-lessons allow you to view the objects and phenomena in the form of colorful 3D-holograms in the space around the student. Teachers will get a unique tool for explaining phenomena and processes that are too complicated for oral description.The lessons are designed specifically to give you all the possibilities of HoloLens during the educational process. Set off on an incredible journey with virtual professors, dive into the complexity of science and grasp the limits of impossible! We are dedicated to making education as interactive and enjoyable as possible. Every lesson has a virtual professor, tests, laboratory work, and holographic games that will reinforce each lesson's outcome. Due to the unique capability of Mixed Reality technology, a teacher and students can see and interact with the same hologram. This feature creates great opportunities for collaborative and exciting teamwork.

Opening of the Auchan flagship store

Project goal: to shorten the time for the approval of the project of Tverskoy's flagship store.An opening of the Auchan flagship store on Tverskaya with the use of Mixed Reality. Microsoft HoloLens technology allowed to visualize a detailed model of the future store as the 3D hologram before its construction, to evaluate various options for the location of commercial equipment, and also helped to simplify the design and construction processes.
Auchan was able to quickly open a flagship store on Tverskaya, using mixed/augmented reality technologies and MR Builder application. According to the calculations made by the company, the time of approval decreased by 75%, from the standard 3 months to 1 month, thanks to which the flagship store on Tverskaya Street opened in record time.


Mining Presentation in HoloLens

Project goal: visualization of modeling results from micromine mining-and-geological information systems.GK Group HC team imported from Micromine program through vector format wire-frame models of ore bodies, career and results of short-term mining planning - wire-frame of mining blocks, report tables with sequence of mining and location of mining technique. In addition, the information window was developed which shows background information for each block: volume, tonnage of ore, average iron content and number of excavator attached to this block.
The draft model was presented at the VI All-Russian Congress of Miners, held in Moscow, in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. In April 2017, at the international exhibition MiningWorld, taking place in Moscow, within the joint cooperation between HoloGroup and Micromine companies, the second project on visualization of complex geological models was presented.
The next project of our joint cooperation was the model of "Udachnaya" diamond tube, owned by Alrosa Inc. "Udachnaya" is an unique deposit of diamonds located 20 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, in the north of Yakutia, the Republic of Sakha.

Overlaying real construction site with a 3D model

Project goal: to reduce the number of errors in the work of contractors and improve the quality control of the construction process.Using holographic models to control the construction process and testing the performance of glasses on the construction site in the north of Russia.Through the use of MR Builder, the engineering company IBCON identified inconsistencies in the work of contractors and helped prevent an increase in estimates for one of the largest Russian mining companies.

The result of testing the technology in the field was the collection of necessary data about the operation of the device and applications, the preparation of a plan and a work schedule for first-line employees, the correlation of the calendar schedule with the 3D model of the facility, and an agreement on the joint development of ways to integrate Aveva software with MR Builder for seamless operation.

As part of the project, Microsoft Hololens mixed reality glasses were first used in applications at zero temperature.


Holographic Tour in a Greenhouse

Project Goal: To demonstrate the contribution of companies to the development of agronomy and agriculture in Russia in a spectacular and original manner. The first of its kind! Tours will never be the same using HoloLens. Check out our development for Uralchem and Uralkali companies.The project was presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in June 2017.The holographic tour was consisted of five different zones. Visitors could navigate between them with a help of arrows and audioguide recorded by a professional actor. During navigation visitors saw butterflies and hummingbirds flying around them. Moving along the greenhouse and interacting with holographic exhibits, the visitor learned how the ecology and use of mineral fertilizers affect the development of plants.In one of the zones it was possible to scan the soil to see what elements it lacks. After this, the visitor could add nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the ground to the soil to increase the yield of a holographic apple or pomegranate tree. By the way, holographic apples and pomegranates could be collected by hands, and after the excursion they could be exchanged for real fruits. During the tour, you could also see the work of the Smart Greenhouse system, based on automation of plant care and a new approach to monitoring their health. Visitors of the greenhouse with the help of a holographic interface could turn on music. Some plants even started to dance! Also on the united greenhouse of Uralkali and Uralchem you could virtually visit the unique preserve of Bassega in the Perm region. On holographic screens, appearing where the visitor directed his view, a video was shown about the natural features of the region and about the unique plants collected in the reserve.