Mobile Application Development

People use mobile devices more than laptops and desktops combined. Mobile devices are easier to access and provide almost every functionality that a desktop computer can. Our services as a Mobile Application Development Company have also escalated with the use of mobile phones. We, at GK Group HC, provide all types of Mobile Application Development Services as per your requirements.

Our services cover all types of applications for every platform and functionality. We start with a meeting and gather requirements to determine what’s best for our client. GK Group HC has particularly excelled in both biggest Mobile Application Platforms. iOS and Android – though we offer services for other platforms too.


Mobile Applications for iOS

iOS is an operating system used in the mobile devices of Apple Inc. It is one of the two biggest mobile operating systems. Apple has also introduced a programming language of its own called “Swift”. All companies that provide Mobile Application Development Services for iOS use this highly matured language Swift. We have an experienced team of iOS Mobile App developers that have worked on hundreds of projects and would be eager to render their services to you.

Mobile Applications for Android

Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices used by almost every mobile manufacturer including Samsung, LG, and Huawei. Android is currently owned and developed by Google. GK Group HC is a full-fledged Android App Development Company. We have developed Android applications for hundreds of our clients with more perfection than they expected. As an Android Application Development Company, we keep ourselves up to date with the latest updates and trends of this field. Our multinational clients praise our expert android developers for always delivering most advanced features.

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Types of Mobile Applications

Wide range of mobile devices and trends has brought the need for different kinds of applications. There are 3 major types of Mobile Applications for iOS, Android, and other mobile operating systems. Each type of development fulfills a particular set of requirements. GK Group HC Mobile App Development Company decides which mobile application to develop after discussing the user and client requirements.

Native Apps

Native Apps are developed for a particular device or operating system. These apps can utilize the full features of a mobile platform because they are specially designed for it. These apps can access mobile services like the contact list, camera, GPS, etc. Our Mobile Application Development Company offers this service for all mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps are developed using a combination of the client-side script (i.e. HTML, JavaScript) and server-side script (i.e. ASP, PHP). These apps are stored on a server and their client-side runs on a browser. When a Mobile Application Development Company creates one web app, it works on all mobile devices and operating systems.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Mobile Applications include combined elements of both native and web applications. One hybrid app works on various platform and doesn’t require separate programming. This form of Mobile Application Development services is faster and cheaper compared to native apps. Hybrid application examples include Xamarin, Ionic, and Angular JS apps.


Types of Apps We Build:

All! Yes, we are a complete Mobile Application Development Company and we provide all types of apps according to your specification. There are many types of apps developed for different functionalities.The following types are some of the most common mobile app functionalities.

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Social Media Apps

Social Media is now a part of our daily lives. There are hundreds of social media applications that allow a group of people to socialize with each other. Some of the biggest social media applications include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We understand the core objective of social media which helps us develop flawless social media apps for our clients.

Lifestyle Mobile Apps

Applications that provide services such as music, study, shopping, travel, hotel, and food lie under the category of lifestyle. These apps are quite popular these days, and people from every field of life use them.

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Utility Mobile Apps

These apps provide assistance of some sort to its user. Utility Mobile Apps include calculator, reminder, flashlight, etc. As an iOS and Android App Development Company, we have delivered many utility apps to our satisfied clients.

Mobile Games

We have developed many small and big games with high-quality graphics for our clients. There are several Game Development platforms like Unity, Corona SDK, and Unreal Engine used for different devices and platforms.


Information Based Apps

Mobile devices have become one of the biggest sources of news. Seizing this opportunity, many entrepreneurs hire a Mobile Application Development Company to launch their information based apps. Biggest information based apps example include Google News, Weather, and Buzzfeed.

Productive Apps

Productive Apps are mostly created for professionals. These apps usually assist in professional and academic work. Some of their examples include Docs, Outlook, and Evernote. You can have a productive app developed particularly for your business. It will help you manage and complete your work faster and more efficiently.


Why Hire Us for Mobile Application Development Services?

GK Group HC is a complete Software Development Company that has been in this business for years. We have been providing Mobile Application Development Services since the debut of smartphones. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of clients and completed thousands of projects. Mobile Application Development has always been one of our strongest and most favorite services.

We start every new project with the notion to create a masterpiece. We work with continuous research and apply new techniques to provide the most advanced features. Our main objective, with every project, is to provide excellence in what we do. We long for our favorite part of the project, the feedback. That’s when we get to hear praises from the client for our brilliant work.