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We’re a professional IT and Software Development Company with the capabilities to handle any type of  Backend Programmings Needs. Check out our comprehensive set of Services below, and get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Backend Development


Back end programming develops behind the scene functionality of a program. The buttons and colors you see at the screen are developed by frontend developers. GK Group HC is a complete IT solutions company that offers backend programming services to its customers. We can develop all types of applications on all kinds of frameworks and languages according to the custttomer’s requirements.

API Development


Application Programming Interface (API) can be defined as rules and mechanisms that decide how two applications will interact with each other and make it happen. This interaction is usually needed when an application has to communicate with another application to send data, access each other’s data or request a service. GK Group HC has a broad experience in providing API Development Services. We build all types of APIs that work best according to your requirements.

Embedded Systems


We offer all kinds of Embedded Systems Development Services whether it be related to Internet Protocols, Security, RTOS, Networking, and even if you need Embedded Linux Developer Services. We have always satisfied our clients with our qualification and certifications standards. Just Contact Us and we will guide you how this process works free of cost. Our objective is to assist you as much as possible and provide the best of Customer Services. Our senior team members will provide you consultation until you have every query answered and we’d love to do it for you.

Software Development


Many IT companies offer similar services. We consider ourselves better than them based on our client reviews. While other companies work with the only motive to get money out of your pocket, we are more focused towards providing the best of our services and maintaining our perfect record. GK Group HC is a professional and experienced institute that honors its commitments.

Cloud Computing


GK Group HC is a full-fledged Cloud Computing Providers Company. We have been providing this service since the time Modern Cloud Computing was first introduced in 2006. Our Services are always focused toward providing the best of Customer Satisfaction. We even offer consultation about Cloud Computing Services Free of Charge. Our senior team members understand your business goals and requirements and suggest the Services that will be best for you.

Security Software


As a professional Security Solutions Company, we inform stakeholders of all guiding principles implement in their project. We have to especially follow these principles almost every time in Business Data Security Software. We target the core activities during secure software development as there are security implications found in most high-level programming languages. These core activities include change management, control specification, and conceptual definition for better protection.



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