Embedded Systems Development

An Embedded System is designed and developed to perform a specific task which usually includes Hardware or Mechanical Parts with it. GK Group HC is an IT Company that provides complete Embedded Software Development. Our Services include Stand-Alone Devices and Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication Systems for different applications.


Who Needs Embedded Systems Applications?

Organizations from almost every field can utilize Embedded Systems Applications. This Technology has provided us with many facilities and helped reduce human effort. Many industries today rely on Embedded Technologies. We can help make your business easier for you with Embedded Systems Development if you belong to one of the following or similar industries.

1.   Automobiles:

Embedded Systems are widely used in the industry of automobiles. We have Developed many Embedded Systems Applications that are used for Entertainment and Multimedia, Body and Engine Safety, and Cruise Control System. Embedded Systems further provide mobile access and E-Com in cars.

2.   Telecommunications

The industry of telecommunications uses a variety of Embedded Systems. It mostly involves Wireless Communication, Robotics In Assembly Line, Mobile Computing, and Networking.

3.   Consumer Electronics

All Consumer Electronics involve Embedded Systems Development to some extent. Whether it is a high definition TV or a digital camera, you will find the use of Embedded Technology in them. You can benefit from Embedded Systems Applications if your business is even remotely relevant to electronics items.

4.   Industrial Automation

Every industry that uses Control Systems requires the Services of an Embedded Software Engineer.  For example, you will find the use of Embedded Security Systems to reduce vulnerabilities. Some other uses include Communication, Banking, Aerospace, and Defense.

5.   Healthcare and Education

In the industry of Healthcare, Embedded Systems Applications render help in Electronic Stethoscopes, Imaging Systems, Monitoring Vital Signs, CT Scans, and many other Biomedical Sensors.

While the use of these Systems is common in Healthcare, they are only found in good institutes in the field of Education. Embedded Systems provide a futuristic and practical teaching approach for all fields.


What Kind of Embedded System Do You Need?

There are many different Types of Embedded System, all with their own unique and similar functionalities. All Embedded Systems can be divided into various categories based on their Functional Requirements and Microcontroller.

Embedded Systems Categorized by Requirements

Based on the Performance and Requirements, Embedded Systems Development is classified into four categories.

1.   Standalone Embedded Systems

Standalone work by themselves and don’t need any additional Host System. They take Digital or Analog input from input ports and show output on connected devices.

2.   Networked Embedded Systems

Networked Embedded Systems are connected to the internet, LAN, or WAN to access required resources. A commonly used example of these Embedded Systems Applications is a Home Security System.

3.   Real-Time Embedded Systems

These systems provide o/p within a particular or real time. Real-Time Embedded Systems Applications follow a deadline. They are further divided into Soft Real-Time and Hard Real-Time Systems.

4.   Mobile Embedded Systems

This type of Embedded Systems is used in small portable electronic devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, and mp3 player.

Embedded Systems Categorized by Microcontroller

When categorized by the Performance of Microcontroller, Embedded Systems are classified into three types.

1.   Small Scale Embedded Systems

You can activate Small Scale Embedded Systems with a battery. They are designed with a Microcontroller of 8 or 16 bit. Our team of Embedded Software Engineer usually uses an IDE, Assembler, or Editor as programming tools to Develop these systems.

2.   Medium Scale Embedded Systems

Medium Scale are the Embedded Systems designed with DSPs, RISCs, or a Microcontroller of 16 or 32 bit. Embedded Systems programming team at GK Group HC uses tools like Java, IDE, C++, C, and Debugger for the Development of Medium Scale Embedded Systems.

3.   Sophisticated Embedded Systems

These Embedded Systems use multiple 32 or 64 bit chips and can perform Large Scale of work. These systems are very high in complexity.

No problem if you don’t understand the technicalities of these Embedded Systems. Simply contact us and we’ll guide you Free of Cost. We will tell you what System you need and how it can benefit you.


What Do Our Services Include?

We offer all kinds of Embedded Systems Development Services whether it be related to Internet Protocols, Security, RTOS, Networking, and even if you need Embedded Linux Developer Services. We have always satisfied our clients with our Qualification and Certifications Standards.

Driver Development

Operating Systems don’t support most of the Hardware particularly ones that are unconventional. Drivers allow Operating Systems to use such Hardware. We Develop all kinds of Hardware that you require whether it’s for a new device or you want to update the existing driver of your devices. You will find our Services unmatchable when it comes to Driver Development.

Board Support Package (BSP)

A BSP allows an Operating System to work in a particular Hardware Environment. It is a layer of Software with drivers and routines that are specific to Hardware. Team of Embedded Software Engineers at GK Group HC offers the Development of all kinds of Board Support Package including Kernel, Drivers, Bootloader, and Rootfs.

Firmware Development

A Firmware is a Software that is programmed on a Read-Only Memory like Processors and Microcontrollers. When required by our clients, we combine Embedded Development and Application Development to Create, Update, or Integrate a Firmware.

Single-Board Computer (SBC)

A Single-Board Computer is any computer device that is entirely built on one Single Circuit Board. SBC doesn’t have any additional peripherals attached to it. Our Embedded Systems Programming Team is expert in Writing Software for SBC. We also offer Linux Optimization for peripherals of Single-Board Computers.


Allow Us to Help You!

We are a complete IT Solutions Company with years of experience in the field. We have helped hundreds of clients just like you. Just contact us and we will guide you how this process works free of cost. Our objective is to assist you as much as possible and provide the best of customer services. Our senior team members will provide you consultation until you have every query answered and we’d love to do it for you.