Data Science

Data science solutions use algorithms, processes, and scientific methods to gain actionable insights from data. Today’s businesses are flooded with data. This data is stored and reused for better decision making. But it is difficult to manage and analyze a vast amount of data. This is where our data science solutions come in handy.

We are one of the best data science consulting firms to extract useful knowledge from gigabytes of data. We have excelled in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics with a vast experience in information management, data mining, and data visualization. Our machine learning solutions will help you reduce risk and fraud in your business, deliver product/services to the right user, and provide a personalized experience to your customers.


Uses of Data Science

Data science is used in every field of life that involves bulks of data and decision making. It has revolutionized every ground where it is utilized.

1.   Detects Fraudulent Activities

Data science analyzes the data that monitors processes (both supervised and unsupervised) called real-time transactional data. This data study helps companies identify any anomaly there might be in their system. This allows them to take precautionary measures before any damage.

2.   IoT Analytics

Our certified data science experts integrate artificial intelligence in the Internet of Things. It manages and optimizes data from the devices that are connected with IoT. This will make data processing easy and devices will be able to automatically identify patterns and self-learn.

3.   Targeted Digital Marketing

Data plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Companies make marketing campaigns based on user data. Digital marketing campaigns become highly effective when they collect as much about the user as possible and analyze it proficiently. Data science analyzes and understands the data in an optimal time for highly targeted digital marketing campaigns.

4.   Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics consulting helps you replicate the behavior of certain objects (system, application, etc.) and creates predictive models. Data analytics consultant further study the created predictive model. Data science uses past behavior, history, and third-party APIS and applies filtering to recognize patterns. 

5.   Advanced Image Processing

Image recognition has been made possible by data science. It processes the shapes and patterns on an image to understand it. Facebook and Google use data science solutions for image processing and identify the person(s) in it. Our certified data Science experts can get develop you a perfect facial recognition system for your business.

6.   Data Science as a Service

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) is a UX-focused data analytics program that provides a business-centered approach to Big Data for companies. It is more meaningful and easier to understand compared to complex statistical avenue.


Our Data Science Services:

Every business and system that involves ETL process needs data science as a service. GK Group HC helps companies gain insights from large amounts of data. We provide all machine learning solutions to our clients to help them boost their business.

Services in Data Engineering:

  1. Data Modeling & Consultation: Used to create a detailed data architecture roadmap focused on data modeling.

  2. Data Pipeline: It is a set of actions that enables us to unite data from different sources for analysis and visualization.

  3. Data Migration & Integration: The process of transferring and combining data collected from various sources to provide a unified view of the data.

  4. ETL Processing: ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a combination of 3 data functions to take out data from one database and place it into another.

  5. Continuous Integration & Deployment: Practice of continuously testing and pushing changes to the production system.

  6. Support and Maintenance: Our data science solutions include the management and updating of existing systems.

Services in Machine Learning:

  1. Model Evaluation and Optimization: These are components of a machine learning model directly related to supervised learning.

  2. Feature Extraction: It’s a process that involves decreasing the amount of resources that are used to understand a big set of data.

  3. Feature Selection: It’s an automatic or manual selection of features which are predicted to contribute most in the output.

  4. Feature Transformation: It is one of the most useful machine learning solutions; it creates new features from the existing features using a family of algorithms.

  5. Model Building: It’s a machine learning model used to make predictions.

  6. Multi-Model Validation: It’s an ensemble forecasting process that offers a systematic improvement in prediction.


Fields of Data Science by Applications:

While there are many fields of data science when divided by services, it can be divided into 3 categories by their application. All these applications are today used by many companies. Each of these applications takes your system another level of value and elegance. Data science solutions help you implement very complex tasks and make it look effortless.

1.  Object Recognition

Data science consulting firms like us offer the object recognition service to their clients. This field is relevant to image processing and computer vision. It enables a system to detect instances of semantic objects within data.

2.   Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) studies how human languages and computers interact with each other. It is used to program computers to be able to analyze and make sense out of natural human language. For example, an online assistant that chats and provides customer services.

3.   Time Series Prediction

Time series prediction is one of the machine learning solutions; it uses a model to predict the future. It extracts meaningful information from the data by analyzing time series data (past data). It uses existing data to forecast future trends and results.


Why Hire Us for Data Science Solutions?

GK Group HC is a veteran data science solutions and consulting company with years of experience in the field. We have a qualified team that considers data science an art and are proficient in data visualization, machine learning, ETL processing, and all other relevant concepts. Our team has worked with many tools and technologies of data science such as:

  • R Studio

  • Apache Hadoop

  • Apache Spark

  • Tableau

  • Google TensorFlow

  • QlikView