Cloud Computing

Storing, managing, and processing data on a cloud is called Cloud Computing. By ‘cloud’, we don’t mean the condensed watery vapor you see in the sky. A cloud is an online server that hosts your data. The use of these clouds instead of a personal computer or local server is usually called ‘Cloud Computing’. You would require Cloud Computing Services to benefit from this technology. We are an IT Solutions Company called GK Group HC and we have been providing Cloud Computing Solutions for many years. But, before we ask you to acquire our services, let us tell you a few things about the benefits, use, types of Cloud Computing so you can make an informed decision.


Where You Can Use Cloud Computing?

Use of Cloud Computing has skyrocketed in the past few years. Its multiple benefits and uses are reasons for its popularity. Here are a few uses of Cloud Computing Infrastructure.

Stream Audio and Video

Cloud Computing allows you to play and distribute multimedia files online. Any authorized device from any part of the world can access the cloud to stream the audio and video files.

Data Backup

It is safer and less costly to store your data on online storage. Cloud Computing providers allow you to back up a huge amount of data by transferring it over the internet. You can then access, utilize, and restore that data from any location and device.

App Development

You can develop and deploy all types of applications efficiently and faster through the use of Cloud Computing. Local and cloud-based components work together in the Cloud Application Development.

On-Demand Software Delivery

Software as a Service (SaaS) has made it easier to provide a new version of software to customers all around the world without having to reach them physically. It is a Software Delivery model that you deploy and manage in your Cloud Computing Infrastructure, and users access it over the internet. It also enables you to run the Software Subscription System with the monthly/annually billing method.


Types of Cloud Computing Deployment

There are a lot of uses of Cloud Computing. Just one generic model can’t perfectly fulfill the requirements of every user. Cloud Computing has evolved with a few different types, models, and services to offer as per the needs of the user. We provide a free consultation to help you determine which Cloud Computing Architecture and Deployment best fits your requirements. There are three types of Cloud Deployment.

Public Cloud

A Cloud Service Provider owns and operate the public cloud and delivers the resources to you over the internet. You are provided an account to access all your resources like supporting infrastructure, software, and hardware using a web browser.

Private Cloud

Private clouds are maintained on a private network. All your services and infrastructure are exclusively used only by you and your organization. You can acquire Services of Cloud Computing Providers like us to get a private cloud for yourself.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud possesses the features of both private and public clouds. You can move your data and applications between public or private clouds as per your needs. Hybrid Cloud has more optimized compliance, security, and infrastructure to offer.


Types of Cloud Services

In addition to the Deployment, you also need to understand the kind of Cloud Computing Services you need. You can contact us for a free consultation about them. We will get all your requirements and guide you accordingly. There are four major categories of Cloud Computing Services.

1.   Infrastructure as a Service

In IaaS, you rent services of a Cloud Computing Provider on a monthly or annual basis. These rented Services include Virtual Machines, Operating Systems, Servers, and Network in addition to the complete IT Infrastructure. You rent every Service as per your needs in this Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Secure Data Center. The Service Provider gives you user access to the required resources in IaaS.

2.   Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is focused on Application Development. It provides an environment for teams to Develop, Test, Deliver, and Manage Applications. It allows them to develop all kinds of applications without having to worry about the Server, its Infrastructure, Database, or Network. They can build apps quicker in this On-demand Environment. PaaS contains a complete platform layer of development tools like Software Development Kits (SDKs), Database Management Systems (DBMS), and Web Servers.

3.   Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a method of Cloud Computing Service that focuses on the Delivering of Software. The software owner has the option to either provide software on demand or on the basis of subscription. In this Cloud Computing Architecture, you don’t have to worry about the Maintenance, Security, and Upgradation of the Application as it’s all managed by the Cloud Provider.

4.   Serverless Computing

Serverless is a Cloud Computing model where Cloud Computing Providers dynamically manage the resources. It focuses more on developing the functionalities of Applications. The Provider manages the Server management, Capacity, and Setup for you.


Why Acquire Our Cloud Computing Services?

GK Group HC is a full-fledged Cloud Computing Providers Company. We have been providing this Service since the time Modern Cloud Computing was first introduced in 2006. Our Services are always focused toward providing the best of customer satisfaction. We even offer consultation about Cloud Computing Services free of charge. Our senior team members understand your business goals and requirements and suggest the services that will be best for you.

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