Backend Development Services

Backend programming develops behind the scene functionality of a program. The buttons and colors you see at the screen are developed by frontend developers. GK Group HC is a complete IT solutions company that offers backend programming services to its customers. We can develop all types of applications on all kinds of frameworks and languages according to the customer’s requirements.


Features of Our Backend Development Services

There are many types of applications that require backend development services. Our team has hands-on experience in all of them and they always provide the best of services that exceed client’s expectations.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is used by organizations to automate their office functions of different departments. These applications provide complete services of a business process management.

Document Management Software

DMS makes it easy for small or big organizations to manage their electronic documents and images. These applications make it easy to store and track all paper-based information. Our backend development services include customized document management software.

Content Management System

CMS makes it easy to create and manage digital content of a website. Owner or webmasters access CMS using a username and password. Content published from CMS appears on the front end of the website. Some big content management system names are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.


Online purchase and selling are prevalent these days. E-commerce refers to online transactions. Some big examples of E-commerce include Magneto and Shopify. Our backend web development team can create the most user-friendly and secure e-commerce platform for you.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM makes it easy for you to manage your clients. You can keep in touch and share information with them using customer relationship management software. Our team of expert backend developer can create any open source or custom CRM for you. You can also get additional features in your existing system.

Application Programming Interface

An API is an application that allows two different software to communicate and work together. It specifies the way how various software or software components will interact with each other.

Version Control Systems

A version control system allows you to record the changes you or your team makes to file(s). This makes it easy to recall all made changes and you can recover any version you need. A prominent example of the version control system is Git.

Mobile App Backend

Every website and software now has its mobile application. People use smartphones more than computers. Our backend programming services include the development of all kinds of mobile apps backend. We can also integrate it with other systems.

Website Backend

A website’s backend includes a server, a database, and an application. We offer to create and maintain applications that power all these components in our backend web development services.


Backend Programming Services

There are many backend development frameworks and languages each with its own strengths and weaknesses. GK Group HC provides backend programming services in all of them as per the client’s requirements.


Java is one of the most versatile and popular programming languages. Developers have been using this language for over 20 years. Our team of Java backend programming services can build mobile applications, websites, user interface, database connectivity, and perform image processing for you.


First released in 1995, PHP currently powers about 80% of all websites in the world. A website big as Facebook is built on PHP. Using the PHP, a backend developer can write server-side and command line scripting, generate dynamic page content, and write desktop applications.

.NET (C#, VB)

.Net is a web application framework developed and powered by Microsoft. It allows various architectural plan including MVC, and one can develop applications in this framework using C# or VB language. We offer all backend development services that can be done in .NET including the development of games, desktop, mobile, and web applications.


C# is a popular high-level object-oriented programming language updated from C++. It is considered a generic, multi-paradigm and general purpose programming language. It was developed by Microsoft.

.Visual Basic

VB is an easy to learn programming language and development environment. Visual Basic has a straightforward syntax and uses GUI to edit BASIC (programming language) code. This event-driven language is mostly used to develop customized applications.


Ruby is an open source programming language mostly used with framework Ruby on Rails. It allows fast and easy development of applications with every functionality that other languages and framework offer.


Python is an easy object-oriented open source language. This versatile language has an easy syntax. Our team of backend developer can build both web and desktop application using Python.

Structured Query Language

SQL is offered in backend programming services to interact with databases. It’s a declarative language and developers don’t have to specify a process with it to get output. It is mainly used to create, access, and manipulate databases.


Why Hire Us for Backend Development Services?

GK Group HC has been professionally doing back end programming for years. We have developed, updated, delivered, and maintained hundreds of desktop, web, and mobile applications. We have a team of PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python, and Java backend developer and we offer all kinds of backend development services mentioned above.

We are in this field because we love it. Our team of developers and quality assurance are experienced professionals that always deliver more than expected. Our experience has taught us exactly how to get the complete requirements, make the required features better, and complete the project before time. You can contact us now or any time for a free consultation, we’d happy to do it for you.

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