API Development

Application Programming Interface (API) can be defined as rules and mechanisms that decide how two applications will interact with each other and make it happen. This interaction is usually needed when an application has to communicate with another application to send data, access each other’s data or request a service. GK Group HC has a broad experience in providing API Development Services. We build all types of APIs that work best according to your requirements.


We Offer All Types of API Development Services

APIs only help software interact with each other and don’t provide any user interface. They are used to hide complexities and standardize a process. An API has to deal with many different complications for a successful Software-To-Software Interaction. All APIs can be classified into the following categories based on their operations.

Web Service APIs

This class of APIs provides access to its services through a URL (web address). Web Service APIs use HTTP or HTTPs to transfer information. It renders its services or information in a way that other applications can easily understand. This API can also be further divided into four types: SOAP, REST, JSON-RPC, and XML-RPC.

WebSocket APIs

WebSockets are used as alternation Web Service API that uses HTTP to transfer information. They offer a Bidirectional Communication between a server and a client (user’s browser). This communication is started by the client through a process called WebSocket Handshake. WebSockets API is considered persistent and fast.

Library-Based APIs

Library-Based APIs import a library and use it to perform its actions. A library may contain code or binary functions. Google maps you see embedded on websites usually use JavaScript Library-Based API to import Google’s library.

Class-Based APIs

Similar to Library-Based, Class-Based APIs are object-oriented and provide services structured with classes. Each class has information or a service to offer. For example, Java API is itself a set of classes that comes with JDK.

OS Functions and Routines

Operating Systems use a number of APIs to provide functionalities to its users. Such APIs are referred to as OS Functions or Routines. Its example includes error notification and printing a document. GK Group HC provides Custom API Services including these routines as per client’s specifications.

Object Remoting APIs

APIs that work by using a Remoting Protocol to implement local proxy objects are called Object Remoting APIs. These objects are used to interact with local objects and show remote objects.  These APIs use Protocols that are similar to CORBA.

Hardware APIs

There are APIs built for the purpose of Operating Hardware pieces. These Hardware have to be connected and addressable in order for the API to manipulate them. Some Hardware examples that are operated by an API include hard disk drives and PCI buses. We offer Fully Customized API Development for any additional Hardware you may use in your office like a Biometric Device.


RESTFUL API, like Web Services API, also uses HTTP requests to perform operations on data. It uses methods like DELETE, PUT, POST, and GET. REST Technology is an architectural style and uses low bandwidth compared to other technologies. You can get Customized API Development Solutions with any Technology of your choice from us.


Our Approach to Developing Successful API

Following a Systemic Approach reduces the chance of failure and mistakes. GK Group HC has developed its Own Approach over years of providing Custom API Development Services. This process follows the API Development life cycle but with our additional expertise included.

Understanding the Requirements

It is crucial to get precise requirements and understand its purpose before starting the API Development. Our team leads conduct several meetings to ensure we have got requirement gathering and feasibility analysis right.

Once determined the API’s Purpose, we have to decide API Type, its environments and plan out its capabilities. To plan the right capabilities, we have to conduct a thorough study of the audience of the Underdevelopment API.

After getting all the requirements right, we decide whether the aligned team is up to mark to successfully deploy the client’s fully customized API Development. We move on to the next step when we are sure that the team is big enough to deliver the project before time.

Designing and Virtualizing Dependencies

We Design an API before the Development of Technological Objects. This phase converts the gathered objectives and capabilities into a document that our technical team can easily understand. We Develop a blueprint for your customized API Development Solutions. Here we use a process called Spec-Driven Development to maximize our performance.

As we continue with the process, the components and dependencies of the API become more and more complex. To keep it simple, we create a virtual copy of all specifications. This virtualization gives us two benefits.

  • We can create a mock API which we send to you to get your feedback. Your feedback here helps us build an even more Efficient Product.

  • This virtual copy makes it possible for backend and frontend developers to work at the same time reducing its Development Period.

Testing the API

After the Development of API, we always pass it through a strict testing phase to find any bugs there might be. We perform several tests to check its Reliability, Security, and Functionalities. As a Customized API Development Solutions Company, some of the test our team conducts include Validation Testing, UI Testing, Load Testing, Runtime Error Detection, and Security Testing. All the tests we conduct and testing approach we select depend on the prioritized objectives of the API.

Creating Documentation

Documentation of the Project provides guidelines to the client and its users. We provide the documentation as a part of API Development Services. The documentation we create for our clients include instructions about the integration and use of the API. Our technical writers add examples and tutorials to make it as easy to understand as possible. A good documentation contains every piece of information that the user would possibly want to know and this directly impacts the adaption of the API.

Whether it be PHP based API Development or any of the Custom API Services, GK Group HC offers the best of everything to its client. You might not fully understand the details of mentioned APIs if you are a non-technical person of this field. We can help you with that by providing a free consultation. You can contact us any time you need our assistance.